Knee Replacement Surgery

The knee holds is one of the most replaced joints within the body. The strain endured by the knee joint often culminates in considerable wear and tear. While various non-invasive treatments exist for knee damage and arthritis, effectively enhancing mobility and mitigating discomfort, a subset of patients might find merit in undergoing knee replacement surgery. At Premier Orthopedic Specialists, we extend an array of advanced joint treatment options to our patients, encompassing the possibility of replacement surgery.

Is Knee Replacement Surgery the Appropriate Step for You?

Typically reserved for individuals who have pursued alternative treatments with limited efficacy, knee joint replacement surgery often follows attempts at injections, physical therapy, and possibly even endoscopic knee repairs. The decision to embark on any surgical procedure necessitates a judicious evaluation of the risks and benefits. Although surgery can certainly augment mobility and overall quality of life, it’s essential to recognize that artificial joints aren’t designed to outlast two decades. Potential candidates for knee replacement surgery may exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

– Irreversible joint disease
– Inability to manage knee pain using conservative modalities
– Favorable skin health and knee coverage
– Weight adhering to artificial joint criteria
– Experience of knee pain during rest
– Manifestation of knee joint degeneration or deformities
– Impaired knee function or mobility due to pain or stiffness

The majority of individuals defer the contemplation of total knee replacement surgery until later stages in life. Osteoarthritis-induced damage to the knee joint ranks among the most prevalent motives for pursuing joint replacement. Many individuals might opt for a partial knee joint replacement to postpone the necessity for a complete replacement.

Knee Replacement Surgery Experience

At Premier Orthopedic Specialists, our team of orthopedic surgeons and medical professionals aids in both the mental and physical preparation for knee replacement surgery. It’s our priority to ascertain the suitability of the procedure for each individual before committing to surgery. Upon mutual agreement between patient, surgeon, and medical team, we initiate the planning and preparation process. A thorough medical assessment is conducted to ensure the patient’s overall health and candidacy. Prior to the scheduled procedure, patients typically engage with our orthopedic team multiple times to address preparations and assessments.

Knee replacement surgery typically spans two to three hours, with hospital observation often extending to one or more days. The initial post-surgery weeks require controlled mobility, and commencement of physical therapy typically transpires within the first day following surgery. Adherence to the recommended recovery regimen can culminate in substantial progress within three months, and a majority of individuals achieve full recovery within six months.

For those dealing with persistent knee pain and diminished mobility due to arthritis, injuries, or related conditions affecting the knee joint, we extend an invitation to visit us at Premier Orthopedic Specialists. Our repertoire encompasses innovative treatments tailored to address knee joint pain and functional concerns, inclusive of the option of knee replacement surgery. Reach out today to secure your consultation with one of our seasoned orthopedic specialists.